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Jiu Jitsu Jesus Fights for You - What Would Jiu Jitsu Jesus Really Do?

Jiu Jitsu Jesus

Jack Fragg has been hard at work, writing, drawing, lettering just to bring you the latest issue of Jiu Jitsu Jesus!

Join our hero, Jiu Jitsus Jesus, as he continues his journey battling E.V.I.L.! We catch up where Jiu Jitsu Jesus left off, battling it out with some Hollywood wannabe bad guys. Jiu Jitsu Jesus has leveled up, making him more powerful. The shadow man is annoyed, but he, Buddha and a crazy cast of villians have something in store for Jiu Jitsu Jesus!

Will our hero have what it takes to win?! Find out and pick up a copy today!

Jiu Jitsu Jesus Issue One

Jiu Jitsu Jesus makes his debut in his new series, Jiu Jitsu Jesus! Created by Jack Fragg. In issue one, Jiu Jitsu Jesus comes back as a Jiu Jitsu master to fight E.V.I.L.! A shadowman is leading an army, Hollywood monsters are attacking! What will happen?

Jiu Jitsu Jesus Issue Two

Jiu Jitsu Jesus is back as Jiu Jitsu Jesus in Jiu Jitsu Jesus Issue Two! Follow along as he continues to battle E.V.I.L., lead by the ominous shadowman. What will happen now that Jiu Jitsu Jesus has moved to the next level? Will so-called dieties be a match for our hero?

Who makes Jiu Jitsu Jesus?

Jack Fragg

Jack Fragg

Creator / Illustrator / Writer

Jack Fragg has been making art since anyone could remember him. He has been working in comics for several years now and has created, edited and written several indie books and collaborations.

His newest series, Jiu Jitsu Jesus debuted in 2017. You can often find Jiu Jitsu Jesus with Jack Fragg and they are always willing to take time for a photo op.Check out the Jiu Jitsu Jesus Facebook page for events and updates.


What People Are Saying

“Jiu Jitsus Jesus is a great story! There are a lot of laughs and it’s a lot of fun!” Antonio Compbell

“Wow, i have not had that much fun reading a comic since the last one I read! I can’t wait for issue 2!” Helena Smith

“Jack Fragg and Aman have hit the nail right on the head for me! I am totally a fan of Jiu Jitsu Jesus!” Isabella Edwards Compbell